Catherine Easy patch now available for PS3

The much awaited easy patch update for Catherine is now available for downlaod on Playstation 3. One of the biggest feature in this update is game’s Super Easy Mode. Gamers need to choose “Golden Theater” story mode from the title screen and hold SELECT, this will add Drink Assist feature in easy mode.


This new Drink Assist feature in the game will make special drink items appear in the stage, gamers can drink this to have an ability to climb a total of three levels step at once.

The patch will also effect the pillows that players pick during the action stage. Earlier pillow gave gamers one continue, it will remain the same in hard mode however in normal mode pillow will now give two continues whereas in easy mode it will give three.

If gamer wish to block the effect of this new patch update on the game, all they need to do is press R3 and L3 simultaneously, this will take the game to its original state.