Catherine: Full Body shows off new puzzles, new character in debut trailer


After making the initial announcement that a new, expanded version of Catherine would soon be coming to PlayStation 4, Atlus has released a new trailer showing off some of what we’ll see in the upcoming game. Among the changes included in the pink-soaked narrative will be the new character Rin as well as a series of new blocks and puzzle elements. 

For the uninitiated, Catherine follows protagonist Vincent Brooks as he struggles with his commitment issues and recurring nightmares that plague him after he cheats on his fiancee Katherine with a young woman named Catherine. Plenty of thrilling block puzzles challenge you as a result as you work to escape the nightmares Vincent experiences every single time he goes to sleep.

Things will be even more difficult for Vincent this time around as he struggles to figure out which girl he wants to be with: Catherine, Katherine, or Rin. Rin is a pianist at the bar Vincent frequents, and we don’t know much about her just yet, but this love triangle will certainly open up an interesting new dimension of the game.

Most importantly, Atlus has confirmed that the game will be making its way westward, though there isn’t yet a date planned for its release. Hopefully it’ll be within 2018 at some point, as we’ve all been waiting far too long for Catherine to get its chance at a set of new audiences. It would also make a lot of sense to see it come to the Nintendo Switch, but unfortunately that’s not in the cards at this moment. 

If you’ve not experienced the game yet, you might want to nab the PlayStation 3 version cheaply and try it out so you can see what’s different when Catherine: Full Body debuts…”slowly,” as Atlus pointed out in its official press release announcement.