Catherine: Full Body Receives New Gameplay Details, Rin Bio


Catherine: Full Body is on its way to a winter 2018 release in Japan, remaking Atlus’ original narrative-driven puzzle game for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. And mere days after launching the game’s official trailer, a new press release details more about the game’s upcoming features, including new controversial character Rin.

Obtained by Gematsu early this morning, the press release labels the upcoming remake as the game’s “definitive edition.” For one, Catherine: Full Body will feature “Original Mode,” which lets players navigate the same puzzle platformer sections as the original Catherine, along with a new challenging mode that features “bold arrangements” for “even deeper puzzle action.”

The remake also promises “functionality related to improving playability” so “anyone will be able to enjoy the game from start to finish” without necessarily having to be good at puzzle platforming. It’s unclear what this will look like, but based on Persona 5’s gameplay, it may be similar to the RPG’s “rush mode” that lets players sit back as the AI wraps up combat.

Alongside the changes to the game’s nightmare sections, there’s also its most noticeable (and controversial) addition: Rin. Serving as the third Catherine between Vincent’s girlfriend Katherine and the titular seductress Catherine, Rin promises to turn the game into a “love quadrangle” with “a new story that puts [players’] values to the test.” It’s unclear what those values will be, though, but expect them to be challenged for sure.

The press release details more about Rin, too. A pianist hired for the game’s main daytime setting, the Stray Sheep Bar, Rin is a mysterious young woman with “an extremely straightforward and gentle personality” and very little common sense. She’s also extremely mysterious, known only for her beauty and mysterious identity. He real age and name remain unknown.

Rin promises to be “a healing presence that exemplifies new values” for Vincent, although what those are have yet to be seen. But her healing qualities may be a relief for some fans, after an ongoing controversy emerged as to whether Rin’s characterization is transphobic.

Alongside Rin’s introduction, Atlus promises “new episodes” for both Catherine and Katherine, who will have additional endings added to the game. The press release also promises each Catherine will be “more aggressive, even more erotic, and even more stylish” than ever before.

Catherine: Full Body is slated for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4. The game’s Japanese release will land for winter 2018, but its western rendition’s release date has not been announced yet. Expect more news throughout the coming year ahead, particularly as the controversy around Rin continues.

H/T Gematsu