Atlus announces Catherine: Full Body for PlayStation 4 and Vita


Atlus has announced Catherine: Full Body for both PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, an expanded version of the 2011 action puzzler that originally released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. As a collaboration between Atlus and Studio Zero, the new game will feature plenty of extra content such as new endings, episodes, “sexy events,” and anime cut scenes. It’s also going to to introduce a third “Catherine” into the fold to make things even more interesting. 

The new character’s name is Rin, and she plays piano at the bar protagonist Vincent regularly hangs out in, with an “honest and gentle” personality. Her story threads will open up new paths for Vincent’s involvement with the other two “Catherine.” For the uninitiated, the game follows a man who’s deathly afraid of commitment who ends up cheating on his fiancee Katherine with a woman he meets at his regular bar named Catherine. He ends up experiencing bizarre nightmares that find him forced to clamor up blocks to escape horrific monsters that would have him for lunch, all the while questioning his own sanity. You probably would too, after all. 

The subtitle “Full Body,” aside from sounding pretty sultry, is a nod to wine, which is supposed to exemplify an “even richer and somehow more erotic” version of Catherine. It’s a cute subtitle, that’s for sure. The new version of the game will feature plenty of new mechanics and modes, including online battles and cross-save support as well.

If you missed out on or decided to pass on the original Catherine when it originally came out, this is one bandwagon you’ll certainly want to ride. It’s an inventive and interesting part of Atlus’s portfolio, and the block puzzles are some of the most exciting parts of the game. Development is about 50 percent complete, but a release date isn’t concrete just yet, according to the Japanese publication Hachima Kikou. Looks like we’ll have to be a little patient.