Catherine: Full Body, A Reboot Confirmed for PS4 and PS Vita


If you have been following our news feed lately then you must have known about the rumored Catherine remaster. And the rumor is true to some extent as the critically acclaimed yet controversial title Catherine is all set for a reboot on the PS4 and PS Vita, according to the recent announcement of Atlus. For the reboot, Atlus said they are working in Collaboration with Katsura Hashino, producer of Persona 5 of Studio Zero.

Catherine: Full Body

A brief description of the original game for the newcomers who don’t know much about Catherine, basically it is a story of a man in his mid-30s who has a fiancé named Katherine, cheats on his fiancé with another woman named Catherine and is troubled by nightmares which are a result of his actions in real-life.

Because of this, he is constantly in a tug-of-war between Katherine (the fiance) and Catherine (the other woman) and his life become a literal nightmare.

To further add to this nomenclature drama, the reboot introduces a third Catherine or second “Catherine” who in the game is referred to has Rin for the sake of simplification. Rin is a pianist and has a gentle personality which is in contrast with the other two “Catherines”. Rin’s relation with the protagonist is of some kind of a healer, who brings peace and comfort to the troubled Vincent.

The reboot is set to build upon, up-scale and improve the core gameplay mechanics of the original, without stripping it off of is originality. The developers have kept the original’s core gameplay style with few additions like different game modes, varied difficulty settings. In addition to all this, there will be support for online battles too, with cross-save feature available.

With the introduction of another Catherine in the narrative, the game is expected to be even more erotic. The scenes in the game will involve the Rin of course and will also add more erotic scenes with Catherine and Katherine.

About the announcement of the Catherine Full Body release date, the game is approximately 50% complete according to Atlus. All we can do is wait for further updates from the developers.