Possible Catherine Remaster Coming to PS4 And Xbox One


Catherine, the puzzle platformer which was launched for the PS3 and Xbox 360 in 2011 had a bumpy and controversial launch regarding its sexual nature, still, it managed to be successful. The game was liked by both the fans and critics alike. Following its success, the game was made backward compatible with the Xbox One in the year 2016. And now, there are rumors of a possible remaster of the game for the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro.

Catherine Remaster For Xbox One and PS4 Confirmed

The source of the leak/ rumor is Ryokutya, whose information and previous leaks have been legit. In addition to that, another reliable source Nibel, posted on Twitter stating that Ryokutya said “says that he has heard that ATLUS is working on a remaster of one of their “popular PS3 titles” with ‘added content’ .”

Now, taking a look at Atlus’ previous projects. They have only developed two games independently which are Catherine and Persona 5. As Persona 5 is set to be launched on PS4, the only game left is Catherine.

Considering this, the leak by Ryokutya seems to have legitimacy and moreover, Ryokutya also gets the information from magazines.