CD Projekt Red Respond to Morale Rumours


CD Projekt Red has issued a statement via twitter regard rumors about morale at the company. The rumors initially began after gamers tracked down reviews from people about the company on Glassdoor.

Glassdoor is a website that allows employees, both current and former, to review a company. They can give information on what it was like to work there for other people. Some of the reviews indicated low morale at the company, and frustrations around the development of Cyberpunk 2077.

The statement from the company mostly just states that not all working environments will suit all people. They are also open in saying that they demand a lot from staff, and want each project they work on to be bigger and better than the last. Marcin Iwinski, who penned the statement, also said that it would be foolish of any company to rely so much on a singular individual that their loss damaged a game’s production.

After reading through the reviews, some of them do feel like the frustrations of staff who work in a big company being aired in public. There is a very important factor to note here: I would very easily have been able to pretend I was a member of staff and submit my own review. From what I could see Glassdoor does not seek any proof that someone has worked at a company before doing so.

It is a minor issue, but important to remember in a world where games get review bombed on Steam for the developers’ stance on a certain YouTuber. Part of me firmly believes that gamers are spinning themselves into a tizzy over nothing here. I have worked for a large, billion dollar company and moral can be high in one department and low in another. Workload, perceived rewards, lines of communication and working hours can all impact your happiness with a work environment. CD Projekt Red currently has a team of over four hundred developers, and it would be a stunning feat if each and every one of them was happy all the time.