Cerny Fires Shots At Xbox Scorpio: For Native 4K, 8 TeraFlops Is Minimum Requirement


As the release date of PlayStation 4 Pro nears (which is November 10), Lead Architect Mark Cerny continues to share more interesting details on the upcoming hardware to keep the hype going. Speaking to our friend at AV Watch (a popular Japanese website), Cerny talked about the difference between standard PS4 vs PS4 Pro in terms of actual weight and size, how much of TeraFlops is required to run the games or achieve native 4K resolution.

Sony 8TF GPU Is Needed For Native 4K

Cerny explained that in terms of size, PlayStation 4 Pro is just 19 percent bigger than PlayStation 4 (CUH-1200, that was released last year). This is a clear indication from Cerny that the hard and fast rule of increase in performance is directly proportional to the console’s size is no more applicable.

Furthermore, Cerny stated that (according to his personal opinion), a console needs at least (minimum of) 8 TeraFlops of GPU to achieve native 4K resolution across the board.

Lastly, Cerny assured PlayStation fans that they will be able to differentiate the difference between PS4 games and Pro version with their naked eyes, just giving them a glance.

Sony has openly admitted that not all PlayStation 4 Pro games will run at native 4K resolution, whereas on the other side Microsoft is claiming that Xbox Scorpio is still the “most powerful console”.

Is this new statement from Cerny a shot fired at Microsoft (similar to what Microsoft’s Albert Penello did a few months back), 8TeraFlops needed to achieve native 4K? What do you guys think? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.

Source: AV Watch