Champions Online Serpent Lantern Expansion Pack Available

Serpent Lantern an expansion and adventue pack for Champion Online is out now and available for the gamers, Cryptic has announced that the Serpent Lantern for Champion Online will offers gamers a new storyline and new location from Level 11 to Level 40.

It will consist of all the new location for the gamers visit along with the new contacts and enemies whose little bit of details are given below:

  • Fulani Okonkwo: a commander within UNTIL and is the first African woman to achieve so high a rank in the organisation
  • Viperia: She is the daughter of the Serpent God
  • The Supreme Serpent: The seemingly ageless leader of VIPER
  • The Temple of Nama: Delve into the Temple of Nama to do battle against VIPER’s fiercest villains
  • Six unlock able costume pieces
  • Three new perks and honors for you to earn
  • Three brand-new Action Figures: Serpent Mage, Viperia and The Supreme Serpent