CheeseCake Cool Conrad Confirmed For Wii U, Gameplay Trailer revealed


Nintendo Wii U gets new game announcement, that is ‘CheeseCake Cool Conrad’, which is developed by Reload Game Studio. CheeseCake Cool Conrad is 2D game, which tells story of Conrad who is hired by King to rescue Cream Queen. CheeseCake Cool Conrad is set in world of Cheese Cakes and creams.

CheeseCake Cool Conrad

Reload Game Studio have also reveled gameplay trailer for ‘CheeseCake Cool Conrad’, which shows what sort of gameplay you’ll get in playing journey of Conrad, enjoy gameplay trailer below:

About ‘CheeseCake Cool Conrad’ :

After a terrible accident involving the ice queen in the land of cheesecake. The king had only one hope … to choose … Conrad! For Conrad it fit like a glove because he can finally meet the princess! Maybe even marry her, who knows … But of course, Conrad must first save the kingdom and the ice cream Queen. The game is set in totally fun world full of weird monsters, with a fun and very challenging mechanic.