Christopher Judge voice of Kratos tweets about God of War 4

Hazard map screenshot

God of War III screen 3

God of War 4 release date is not confirmed neither there are assumptions or rumors about the final launch. Well Christopher Judge, who is the official voice of Kratos has just tweeted about the game. He just says “I can now confirm I am Kratos” with hastag #GodofWar4, which seems that there would be some fresh news coming up on the game release.

God of War 4

This PS4 exclusive game is a highly anticipated title for this year. So does this means 2017 will be the year of this game launch? Well many can only speculate about the same.

God of War 4 Art

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The official site reveals about a new title A New Beginning, with no trailer, and a high resolution images followed by short description. It shows two character Kratos and young boy who is his son, fighting side by side. The image seems an awesome representation of the actual game graphic, and the game took pretty long time to come back into presence, so it is usual to have a high expectation on the same.