City of Heroes: Animal Pack releasing on February 23

NCSoft has announced that City of Heroes: The Animal Pack will arrive later this month, it will be available for purchase from the NCSoft on February 23 for £5.99 or €8.99. With the help of the pack players will now be able to create their characters with the traits of the world’s most powerful beasts.

City of Heroes

City of Heroes: The Animal Pack will consist of:

  • 60 new Costume and Pattern
  • 6 new emotes
  • 2 new auras
  • a new travel power called “Beast Run”.

The new power will enable gamers from level 4 onwards to run like a savage beast with the new Beast Run travel power, pouncing through the concrete jungles known as the Rogue Isles, Paragon City and Praetoria while stealthily stalking and attacking their prey at every turn.