Civilization VI Available Now on iPad, Only $29.99 During December


Sid Meier’s Civilization VI has been out for just over a year, delighting Civilization V fans by changing things up for the series with tweaks to settlements and victory conditions. And now gamers with an iPad can play the game away from their computers: Civilization VI is out now for iPad.

The release, which comes as a surprise to many, features the full game ported over to iPad on the App Store. No sacrifices have been made, either. Players can try the game out on iPad for free, with the first 60 turns available without paying for the full version. Afterward, Civilization VI players have to pay for the full game.

Luckily, Civilization VI is on sale for two weeks at $29.99 on the App Store, afterwards it will bump back up to $59.99. That deal ends on Jan. 4 at 11:59pm ET.

There’s a few system requirements to keep in mind before downloading Civilization VI, however. The game clocks in at 3.14 GB, which means you’ll have to make some room for the game if you’re already running low on hard drive space on your iPad. Civ VI also requires iOS 11 or later in order to play, and the app only works with the iPad Air 2, an iPad 2017, or an iPad Pro. Also, no expansion packs are available yet, nor are any DLC options. It’s just the base game.

But the game does come with local multiplayer support, which is sure to delight iPad users that would rather bring their tablet for an all-night gaming session than their PC.

While this is the first major Civilization title to reach mobile, this isn’t the first time a major Firaxis release hit Apple devices. Previously, XCOM: Enemy Unknown and XCOM: Enemy Within were both brought over to iOS and Android. It’s unclear for now if Civilization VI will land on Android any time soon, although now that the game has landed on iOS, a mobile rendition for Android users makes sense. Check back soon for more details.

H/T Polygon