Civilization VI: Rise and Fall Brings India’s New Leader Chandragupta


Civilization VI: Rise and Fall is on its way to release as an official expansion pack for the Civilization series’ latest installment, and it’s coming with a brand new leader for India. Chandragupta Maurya, the Maurya Empire’s founder in ancient India, will be a playable leader as an alternative over Gandhi.

Firaxis revealed Chandragupta in a new trailer showing off his capabilities in-game. He serves as an aggressive leader for the civilization, focusing on empire-building and expansion through military power. And his ability “Arthashastra” allows players to declare a “War of Territorial Expansion,” granting combat and speed bonuses to units for their first 10 turns. Otherwise, India receives the same unit, infrastructure, and Indian civilization bonuses as Gandhi: Including Dharma, which provides follower beliefs for all religions practiced within a city.

This isn’t Civilization VI’s first alternate leader. Greece also has multiple playable leaders, with both Gorgo and Pericles available for the game with their own unique AI personalities and bonuses.

However, Chandragupta reveals that more alternate leaders may be coming to existing civilizations in future DLC releases and expansion packs, not just new leaders through civilizations. If so, Firaxis may be opening the door to more flexibility with civilizations’ playstyles, allowing nations that prosper through small, pacifist nationbuilding to become more aggressive empires and vice-versa.

Either way, Civilization VI: Rise and Fall launches on Feb. 8, 2018 through Steam. The expansion promises new leaders, world wonders, civilizations, buildings, resources, districts, and units when it lands, along with Historic Moments that transfer to Dark and Golden Ages depending on the player’s actions.

H/T PCGamer