Civilization VI’s first major expansion Rise and Fall set for next year


Civilization VI is getting its first major expansion in the form of Rise and Fall, which is due out in February 2018. 

Firaxis Games made the announcement today with a new trailer, showing off some of what you’ll be able to expect from the new expansion. It comes bursting with nine new leaders, eight new world wonders, seven natural wonders, eight new civilizations, four new units, two new tile improvements, 14 new buildings, three new resources, and two new districts. Whew. That’s a mouthful. But that’s the breadth of this new expansion, which should be exciting for Civ fans looking for their next fix. 

Your civilization in this expansion will reach Historic Moments as it grows and expands, which will then translate into Dark Ages and Golden Ages, offering special bonuses and augments depending on how you choose to proceed. For instance, if you’re a prosperous civilization you’ll find yourself in the middle of a Golden Age. If you make some precarious mistakes and handle your civilization badly, then you’ll find yourself spiraling into a Dark Age. There’s still redemption beyond that, however, as you can turn things around and bring your people into a Heroic Age afterward. It’s all in the decisions that you make. 

There’s a new loyalty system in place as well, where your individual cities can now add Loyalty points on their own under your leadership. This will allow you to recruit your own personnel and control them as you see fit. But watch out for the new Emergencies system as well, where other civilizations can join up together and start a coup against others—possibly yours. 

It sounds like there’s a lot going on and a lot of new systems coming for fans of the series, so you might want to clear your calendar for all the new content that’s scheduled to hit this coming February for $24.99.