Outfit crafting and gardens coming to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp next month


A major Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp update is coming next month.

Two new features, clothing crafting and gardens, will be added to the game, according to an in-game notice. Likewise, another new animal—one you may be familiar with from earlier Animal Crossing games—will arrive. In a tweet from the UK Animal Crossing Twitter account, Nintendo noted the update will come “next month.”

“A new gardening area will be added to your campsite,” the notice reads. “You’ll be able to plant and grow all sorts of flowers in your own garden plot. You can even help your friends water their gardens.”

The silhouette included in the notice is very clearly Rover, the blue and white cat who often helps set up Animal Crossing games. From the notice, it sounds like he may be involved with gardens.

We’ve known clothing crafting has been on the docket for Nintendo, but it’ll be here soon. Clothing will no longer only be available from the marketplace. Instead, players will be able to order and craft pants, tops, and shoes in a similar way as furniture. Clothing crafting will come after gardening, the notice reads.

Other updates are in store, too—but they weren’t outlined in the notice. Nintendo did not detail a precise timeline for the update, but it’ll likely come in January.