COD: Black Ops will be Playable through Web Browser

Louis Castle currently CEO of InstantAction has put forward his thaught that the big console game title like Call of Duty: Black Ops will be available for gamers to play through web browser within a year or so.

Speaking to Eurogamer he said that ”It could happen this fall if we can get the deal put together with Activision, quite frankly.

Here is the Detail What Louis Castle said:

“When I joined InstantAction a year ago, I was expecting major upheaval within that year, and it hasn’t happened yet,” Louis Castle explained.

“But the signs of it happening are getting more and more frequent and closer and closer to the bone, as it were. I don’t even think it’s five years out. I think it’s just a few years out. In my worst-case scenario it would be five years. In my best-case scenario for the consumer, it’s happening within a year, maybe two. You’ll see almost everybody prefer to go play the game for free somewhere, download it incrementally and buy it in pieces or through some other microtransaction, than the few people that will actually go to the Best Buys, GameStops and Wal-Marts of the world.

“I think those will still be sold. Just like, essentially you don’t really buy World of Warcraft at a store. You buy the installation disc. The game is the game. You’re paying for a subscription. I think that same model we’ll find prevalent around the world on all games.”

“They all want it,” Castle said. “In fairness to the publishers, our system, we just launched it with Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition. We changed everything about InstantAction. We built it upon the base we had before. I think those are some of the issues they’re concerned about: can we go to scale? These are precious gems they have. I understand why nobody wants to put their brand out there unless they’re absolutely certain it’s going to work and it’s going to be a great consumer experience. It’s thrust upon us. It’s incumbent upon us to prove to them that it can work.”

Well if this happens than it will be like a Jelly on the Cake as many gamer around the world are unable to have an access to specific games. What you think about it?, tell us your view on this as a comment to this post.