Codemasters Pointing To 60FPS For PS4 And Xbox One Dirt Rally Versions, Not Sure About Resolution

Officially out now after a long period of Early Access on Steam, Dirt Rally is available for PC and will be for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on April 5, 2016. By the way, it is still uncertain how Codemasters will manage to bring the game on consoles, from a technical point of view, according to the developer itself.

DiRT Rally

Based on a series of tweet coming from the game designer Darren Hayward, Codies is only sure about the frame rate, which will be rock solid and fixed on 60 frames per second. This could mean 900p or below, based on the previous experiences coming from multi-platform titles, at least on one of the two current gen consoles (we won’t say which…).

“Unsure yet. High as we can get it with 60fps”, specifically said Hayward, answering to a fan’s question about the graphical quality of Dirt Rally on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

While it is good to see the developer mainly cares about the frame rate, just to grant a solid and stable racing experience to all of the gamers who care about rally, it is still a bit awkward to see how such modern consoles struggle to accomplish things we took for granted until a few months before they released.

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