Combat Mission: Afghanistan Coming Soon

Combat Mission: Afganistan will be releasing soon worldwide. Combat Mission which is currently under development is will be release and launch in the second quater that is Q2 of the current year. Eastern Europe gamers will be available to get Combat Mission: Afghanistan from Snowball. There will also be a world wide english version release of Combat Mission: Afganistan which will be only available from

Combat Mission: Afganistan will be completely based on the two war fought between Russia and Afganistan. Combat Mission: Afghanistan will be based on the war which took place in time period of 1980-1982 and 1985-1987.

Some of the features you will be seeing in Combat Mission: Afghanistan

  • Combat Mission Afghanistan will have two campaign first will be based on war that took place in 1980-1982, and second campaign based on war in 1985-1987.
  • Gamers will be have a control over all the army that will participate in the war. They will get to command a soviet army as well as Mujahedeen guriella force
  • Combat Mission: Afghanistan will also be incorporated with 10 standalone mission
  • Combat Mission: Afghanistan will have a beautifully designed and crafted atrwork.
  • Gamers get to explorer various new war weapons

Not only above features Combat Mission: Afghanistan also have a an exit objective zones included in it and many more.

Gamers get yourself a Combat Mission: Afghanistan which release in the second quater of 2010 and inform your friend also about Combat Mission: Afghanistan and to have a look at this article for information about it.