Comic Con 2014 will unveil the Horrific Killing Floor 2 PC


It was recently discovered that Comic Con 2014 will the highly anticipated PC release Killing Floor 2. The developers, Tripwire will show a live gameplay demo for all the lion hearted people. Brutal creatures including a new addition Zeds will be a part of this demo.

Killing Floor 2

This demo will be showcased between October 9-12, 2014 and will be for 30 minutes. Along with this demo, Killing Floor: Uncovered Trailer which is an upcoming live action short film inspired by the game will be shown. This short film is created in partnership with Type A/B.

Also a there will be a special bonus treat for the gamers who visit the Tripwire booth, they will be playing the Killing Floor: Calamity on new Intel-powered tablets (Windows 8/XPS 12 Touch Ultrabook and Android/Acer Iconia Tablet). This version of the game boasts a unique top-down shooter view point and is a new take on the original PC smash hit.

Tell us in the comment section, are you guys excited about Killing Floor 2 for PC?