Company of Heroes 2 Goes Free For Limited Time Through Humble Bundle


Company of Heroes 2 landed in mid-2013, transporting the World War 2 real-time strategy series over to the Eastern Front. And now that the game has been out for a couple years, Humble Bundle is offering the base title for free via the Humble Store.

From now until Saturday, Dec. 16, fans can grab Company of Heroes 2 for PC, Mac, or Linux without paying for the full game. The title is entirely free, with no strings attached to grab it. Of course, the game’s additional content and expansions don’t come with the offer, but Company of Heroes 2’s multiplayer alone is robust enough to offer hours of entertaining strategy gameplay against┬áboth human and AI opponents.

In Company of Heroes 2, players take control of either the Soviet or German army and lead their troops onto the Eastern Front’s battlefields. Everything from soldiers to tanks are available to command in-game, along with special abilities based on the player’s commanders. Additional DLC was also released over the years, with standalone expansions adding in Western forces to the game, including the U.S. military.

Humble Bundle has been working with publishers over the past few months to include free games on the Humble Store, featuring everything from Homefront to The Walking Dead. With Sega and Relic also joining in on the giveaways, it seems promising that more free titles will be handed out in the near future. Check back later for more free game deals from the Humble Store.