Conan Exiles Game-Breaking Bug Deletes Chests, Game Items And More: Report


It seems the latest patch of Conan Exiles has just introduced a game-breaking bug, which basically deletes all of your chests you obtained throughout your adventure. This seemingly doesn’t depend on the quality and size of the chests, as this bug is said to be regarding all kinds of them, both small and big, with any content inside.

Conan Exiles Game-Breaking Bug Discovered

“All of them. Large, small, vault, everything gone. 20+ large chests, our vault, several small chests have vanished as of the last update. We’re not the only ones who experienced this, either. On our server the chat’s all got their torches and pitchforks out,” a Reddit user reports.

Patches are currently being deployed in order to fix lag issues on Conan Exiles, which still is in an Early Access state on Steam. Another user added that “our server has also done this. Buildings (except doors) are maintained but containers/crafting stations/tralls are gone.” Hopefully there’s some kind of further fix the developers at Funcom can deploy to make things return at their original status.