Conan Exiles Glitch, navigate the entire map via Nvidia Ansel


A Youtuber with channel name B.A.D, has found a glitch in Conan Exiles a kind of cheat, which allows you to navigate the entire map in 360 degree with the help of Nvidia Ansel. Now this was unpredictable. By turning on for capturing snap, Nvidia Ansel opens window to spectate entire area with ease. Players can pass through walls and have a hint of other player’s location.

Conan Exiles Glitch

The feature also works in a multiplayer scenario. Any can take benefit and scout around to locate items and locations with ease just by enabling Ansel. Funcom’s community manager replied players on reddit that this will be restricted to a range of 2 meters in an upcoming patch. Till the time the exploit will remain active.

The video with title “WTF Funcom, built-in cheats in Conan Exiles?” has a clear demonstration of an easy navigation to a larger part of the area, surprisingly passing through walls. It can offer redundant benefits to others who can sneak into others nearby dwellings pretty easily.

The last patch was released on 11th February that features performance optimization and certain server related issue.