Contra is getting an official live-action film and TV drama


A live-action Contra movie and TV series are coming from China’s Starlight Media. 

After releasing a Contra mobile title in China, Konami has upped the ante by announcing both forms of media, with the movie revealed earlier this year via publication China Film Insider.

Taking place in 1988, it seems to blend elements of both Japanese and English versions of the games, following the landing of a huge meteorite on an island in the South China Sea. 

Characters Chen Qiang and Li Zhiyong go out to investigate the area, but the search turns out fruitless. Nearly 30 years later, Chen works with commandos Bill and Lance to eradicate the Red Falcon Organization on the island the meteorite landed on, but there’s something even more devious lurking there. That’s where the action kicks off for the film, supposedly. It certainly sounds like a serviceable action flick. 

There aren’t any additional details on the live-action series just yet, but there are plans between partnership between Konami and Starlight Media to make both properties available for streaming worldwide. 

There’s a brief teaser trailer available on YouTube that doesn’t impart much information at all, but it’s something to get the hype train a-rolling when it comes to these new Contra projects. It remains to be seen whether or not they’ll be worth watching of course, but we can always be hopeful, right?