Corrinne Yu Will Work on Naughty Dog PS4 Project As “Pedal To The Metal Coder”, Excited About It

Uncharted 4 Cosplay

We recently broke the news of new hiring at Naughty Dog for Playstation 4 project, Corrinne Yu (Former Halo 4 Principal Engine Architect). Today Corrinne Yu via her personal Twitter account express her excitment about what she’ll be doing at Naughty Dog as “Pedal to Metal” coder.

Corrinne YuRead below what Corrinne Yu expressed in a series of tweet via her personal Twitter account:

Corrinne Yu has done a great job with Halo team, she created a new lightning techniques and also invented new dynamic radiosity algorithms and She has 20 years graphics programming experience.

We all are really excited to see what she can bring on the table with Naughty Dog and PS4.

With Uncharted for Playstation 4, Naughty Dog has already promised a massive jump in graphics and visual department and also stated that Playstation fans will be amazed with things.