Corsair teases its upcoming branded PC


We all know Corsair, a leading American computer peripherals and Hardware Company is all set to reveals it first line of desktops called as Corsair One. There is a tiny video shared on the official site that does not reveals much, but teased a mid-tower design of this new tower. It looks Corsair is all set to target the gaming faction by working on this new product line of desktop system.

Corsair One ‚Äč

The teaser reveals a set of system with curved display, and Corsair One is on the right side. The design shows a mid-tower case and lights on the side. There is nothing much reveals, what matters is to find what hardware will be part of it. If it is a gaming system then having a setup that can match current gaming requirements demands high end cpu like Core i5 or 7i of latest generation followed by the latest graphic memory and DDR4 ram.

4K is pretty trending nowadays, consoles are able to reach the requirement, but talking about desktop system, a few graphic cards of high end product line delivers seamless HD output supported by compatible hardware. If Corsair One is capable enough, then it could land in the list of gamers. Above all the price factor do matters, we had seen ample of high end gaming systems, especially laptop shipped at a very high cost capable of 4K output, compared to which desktops are limited to certain manufacturers only. Even today people typically prefer to go with assembled systems, which offer them freedom to select what they want.