Cory Barlog: God of War PS4 Will Not Include Multiplayer

Hazard map screenshot

God of War III screen 3

At E3 2016, Sony Santa Monica Studio announced the next installment in God of War franchise, God of War PS4. The studio showcased a stunning looking gameplay trailer featuring lead protagonist Kratos (in a fully bearded avatar) and his SON (not yet known). Some of the interesting RPG gameplay mechanics showcased in the trailer were archery knowledge points, Spartan Rage time-ability during battle and much more. God of War PS4 story takes place many years after the event of God of War III and it will be set in Norse Mythology. This was all we know about God of War PlayStation 4 after E3 2016 press conference.

God of War PS4

Cory Barlog, Game Director of new God of War, in a recent interview with Spanish website Level Up, has revealed that the game will not include multiplayer content. God of War series has always focused on delivering a spectacular campaign. Santa Monica has tried out multiplayer component in God of War: Ascension but it did not receive much of a praise from critics and fans of the franchise and was not as interesting as the single-player mode.

This confirmation of “No Multiplayer” in God of War PlayStation from Barlog is a blessing in disguise for fans because this is no less than an assurance from the development team that all their efforts and resources are focused on delivering a spectacular campaign, and above all, change the course of the series.