Devs Hints Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy New Content, Admits The Game Is Hard

Vicarious Visions updated on their blog various aspects of the re-mastered version of Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy and speaking out yes the game is hard compared to the previous independent editions. The developer on the blog spoke about various things like the main character’s handling, collisions and physics, and difficulty that make the re-mastered version better but challenging than earlier one.

Crash Bandicoot Comic

Talking about Crash’s Handling, the jump is not the same as it was before. In-order to deliver a better aspect of gameplay the developers had worked to offer a unified design so that players can enjoy a cohesive experience in the entire series. Previously there were issues with handling that has resulted in frustration among many players claiming Crash’s handling is terrible this time. It can easily slip out from edges costing lives, no matter how many times you try. Many users on Reddit expressed their views and some had also tried analyzing the actual cause behind Crash’s new jump style, pointing towards the feet object with round curves instead of a flat causing the character to slip off from edges.

Speaking through the blog Vicarious Visions accepts spend ample of time on building the best experience for players that also includes Crash’s handling so that players can enjoy a unified challenge along the entire series, with no cheats.

Further in the blog the developer mentioned the re-mastered edition represent the most improved and modern approach as the game delivers players most control, they had gone through various testing’s and iterations to make the game perfect, so overall the handling issue is not really a glitch or bug in the game, it is what implemented by Vicarious Visions as a new challenge for players. It also features a different collision system that works with physics, so at some point, players will require performing a precise jump to land on platforms.

Vicarious Visions said modern game aspects like save and checkpoints are more forgiving. DDA (Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment) is another aspect that is added in the series that rewards Aku Aku mask and check points if it finds players numerous failed attempts to pass a level. So the handling is not as tough as it seems, it just all in-game mechanism.

Adding further about the jumping of Crash, more precision is needed in the first game, the second and third are easier. It is advisable for new players to start with Second and Third first. Later after having the fair amount of practice can start with Crash Bandicoot 1.

Finally, in the end, Vicarious Visions hinted that they are going to reveal some fresh update about the game in Comic Con held 27th July at San Diego. This could be the new DLC that was leaked before, yet not officially confirmed. Stay tune for more upcoming updates on the game. Do share your feedback, what is the most annoying thing other than Crash’s handling you find in Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy?

Source: Activision Blog