Crazy Theory About Death Stranding Is Silent Hills/PT Pops Up On YouTube

What if Silent Hills and Death Stranding were the same games? A curious and almost crazy theory about this being the hidden truth behind Konami and Kojima’s split has appeared on YouTube and, since it’s very, very crazy, we like to share it with you.

Death Stranding

It seems like a lot of connections are in place with P.T. and Death Stranding, leading youtuber PythonSelkanHD to think that P.T. is even be a prologue to Death Stranding as it was to Silent Hills, because Death Stranding actually is Silent Hills.

Just to quote some of those connections, the radio on P.T. talks about gateways to alternate dimensions, which are one of the topics, if not the main topic, in the E3 2016 Death Stranding reveal trailer. Moreover, Kojima keeps (apparently) trolling fans with his cryptic tweets depicting him with Silent Hill-like energy drinks or close to Italian postal office remarked with a “PT” signboard.

Interestingly, when the radio talks about a father hanging himself with a garden house in the garage, the voice on the radio quietly echoing him replaces the word “Garden Hose” with “Umbilical cord”. The Umbilical Cord is a motif used extremely heavily in the DS trailer, as there is one attached to seemingly every creature stranded on the beach.

Moreover, the band Low Roar has been writing music for Kojima since 2014, when he was still a Konami employee working on P.T. and Silent Hills. The same band working on Death Stranding (I’ll Keep Coming is the Death Stranding reveal trailer’s theme music) would suggest all these projects are all small pieces in the same puzzle.

Look at the video and the related Reddit thread for more theories and crazy ideas about Death Stranding being Silents Hills.

While you do it, remember that: Konami is a prestigious company quoted at the stock exchange, which would make it very crazy, if not silly, for it to take such risks as just pretending it is firing creative staffers and directors like it did with Kojima. This is not simply Hideo Kojima pretending he is a Swedish developer working on an unknown The Phantom Pain without any connection with Metal Gear, it’s something infinitely bigger.

On top of that, this process of faking Kojima and Konami’s split also involved Sony, which is acting as financier and publisher to Death Stranding. While they had a lot to gain pretending they’re publishing the next Hideo Kojima game, that’d be a risky maneuver for them too.