Creator of The Long Dark Teases Moose in the Game


When The Long Dark received its story mode earlier this year, it was met with mixed reviews. We at TL;DR Games enjoyed it, but our heart will always be with the survival mode in the game. That mode, it appears, is about to get some new content. Raphael van Lierop, creator of The Long Dark, just tweeted out a picture of a moose standing at the Quonset area of Coastal Highway. He also confirmed that this animal would be added during the December update.

Moose are Headed to The Long Dark

The Long Dark Moose Animal
Moose in Coastal HighwayTwitter

As someone who loves to hunt in The Long Dark, the addition of moose is going to make my life a lot better. Hunting bears is fine, but on higher difficulties the meat can’t be eaten until you max your cooking skill. A moose would presumably be something you can eat and, with the size of them, could survive on for several weeks. I can stretch a bear out for nearly a month by watching my calorie intake.

The addition of a moose also gets me wondering about whether a new clothing item will be added to the game. So far there are several craft-able clothing items, including coats, mittens, pants and boots. I’m curious about what sort of clothing item Hinterland has planned for a moose hide. Maybe it won’t be a clothing item at all, but some other item that players can craft from the hide.

There are also balance issues to consider when adding another animal to the game, especially if it comes with a lot of meat that you can safely eat. Will there be any aggressive states that the animal can enter to offset the reward of killing it? Will their availability and respawn rate be minimal to keep players from developing an overpowered moose diet meta? So many questions, but Hinterland has almost always done a fine job of balancing out new additions to the game.

Of course, we at TL;DR Games are crazy about Hinterland’s game and have covered it extensively with The Long Dark Guide Hub. I’m personally planning a fresh play through when I get to my holiday break this year. Hopefully the moose will find its way in by then.