Crysis 2 Coming This Autumn, Getting A Beta Test

EA much awaited game title Crysis 2 will see a early release, it is expected to be release till Autumn 2010 (September or October), this can be easily figure out from the new ads which is been posted by MCV.

The details about the beta test date for Crysis 2 is not yet out but you can be one of them who will be doing the beta testing of Crysis 2. Here is the detail how you can be one of the gamer doing the beta testing of Crysis 2:

“Early registrations will be tracked, and our first wave of users will have a chance to win a key as and when the ‘Crysis 2’ beta takes place,” the beta details read, according to Blue’s News. “All you need to do is sign up early and one day in the near future you may be receiving a mail with an invite to the game.”

For more details about the participating goto