Crytek: Homefront 2 “can make a big splash at the time it comes out”

In a recent interview to GamesIndustry, Crytek Co-founder Avni Yerli said that Homefront 2 can make big splash at launch even though the first game in franchise got critical reception.

Homefront 2“It has a huge mind share, everybody knows the IP,” explained Yerli. “The first game has indeed a low Metacritic, but due to really great positioning and great marketing it has reached a good mind share. And I think with Crytek quality attached to it and similar marketing attached to it, it can make a big splash at the time it comes out.”

Crytek’s GM Nick Button-Brown teases some really cool setting for Homefront 2. “”When you look at the world they created in the first game and the world that they were talking about for the second game, the setting they were talking about… obviously we can’t talk about it yet, but it’s really cool.”

“The team choose and they really, really like it and thought it was a great opportunity and we’ll support them on that.”

What you guys think, with Crytek technology how Homefront 2 will look and how it will fair?, Let us know your views in the comment section below.

Source: GI