Crytek: New Crysis project will be unveiled soon

Avni Yerli, Crytek Managing Director has announced that the firm is looking to continue Crysis. He further revealed that a new Crysis project will be unveiled soon.

Crysis wallpaper

Speaking to NowGamer, Yerli said, “Crysis as a franchise for us is obviously very important.

“From that perspective we’re looking to continue Crysis somehow. We have not said anything publicly yet, but maybe soon we will make something more public on the Crysis franchise.

“It is a very important franchise for Crytek, however any future plans, we have not revealed yet, but be assured there will be some new things.”

Recently it was rumored that the original game in the franchise, “Crysis”, which has so far only seen a launch on PC, may now be coming to Xbox 360 and PS3.

Is it this thing that Yerli is referring? or is he talking about “Crysis 3”?. At present it is just a wait and watch situation. More details is expected at GamesCom 2011.