Crytek’s E3 2014 plans leaked, Two games announcement: “Project Grave and Arena of Fate”


Its seems like Crytek’s E3 2014 plans have been leaked. According to reports coming out from Italian gaming website, “GamesVillage”, Crytek will showcase two new titles at E3 2014.


The site further adds that one of the title is codenamed as “Project Grave” and the other one is called as “Arena of Fate”. While there are no details regarding what this “Project Grave” is all about and whether its exclusive or multiplatform, whereas Arena of Fate is a PC exclusive title and will be powered by Crytek’s CryEngine and is currently in development at Crytek Black Sea, the studio Crytek acquired way back in 2008.

The site does not list source of this information. Here is what they said (translated):

“The German developer Crytek will present at the Los Angeles two new titles, which at the moment we only know the name: the first is the Arena of Fate, developed for PC only, primarily multiplayer game that will most likely be assigned to Crytek Black Sea, Bulgarian studio acquired by the German company in 2008. “

“The second game is announced Grave Project, provisional title clearly on which we will learn more at E3.”

What this Project Grave could be from Crytek, any guesses? Tell us in the comment section below.

Update: have removed this news post from their site, and have informed us regarding their removal of post due to Removal request from crytek and their local PR office.