A speedrunner beat every Cuphead boss playing on a DDR pad


Cuphead, a run-and-gun indie game on Xbox One and PC, has become a phenomenon since its release on Sept. 29.

Players have been hooked to its Disney-like art style and difficult gameplay, with some players taking hours to beat each boss. Some would even call it the Dark Souls of 2D platformers—until you realize a player beat all the bosses in one hour and 24 minutes using a Dance Dance Revolution gamepad.

The speedrunner, PeekingBoo, has to use a different method to beat the bosses by patiently waiting for the right time to stomp his foot on a button to avoid attacks, all while attacking and aiming back at the same time.

Considering the current any percent world record for the game is just over 30 minutes long, to complete the game as quick as he has on a DDR pad is something to admire. Let’s wait to see what players use next in order to beat the game.

How about a Guitar Hero controller, anyone?