Cuphead fan defeats the game’s 28 bosses without taking any damage

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Studio MDHR’s Cuphead has been hailed as one of the tougher platformers released in recent memory, but it seems players are simply taking that as a challenge.

After one speed runner beat the game in under an hour, another player named Aeraloth, a skilled player who put together a clip of themselves completely wrecking the game’s 28 bosses. Amazingly, Aeraloth was able to come through unscathed, taking zero damage and landing an impressive A+ Rank on each.

The seemingly punishing platformer showcases a gorgeous 1930s aesthetic as well as challenging stages that switch up various play styles and threats as quickly as you get used to them. That makes this accomplishment, as well as the speedy playthroughs, even more astounding.

Cuphead has been available since last week on both Xbox One and PC, with positive scores raining down from critics that praise it for its art style and challenging yet fulfilling stages. It has been hailed by some as too difficult, in fact, but these feats captured on video prove it’s definitely not impossible to power through the game.

If you’re struggling with the simpler parts of the game, you may consider watching these videos for some sort of inspiration. It certainly makes you want to try a little harder, even if you think you’re simply not capable of pulling things like this off.