Cuphead First Patch – What Exactly It Will Fix?

Cuphead First Patch

Studio MDHR has tasted massive success, according to the details shared by SteamSpy, the game has sold over 365,000 units (and still counting) on Steam alone, and has got 97% overwhelmingly positive reviews. What exactly the future now holds for Cuphead, what are the plans of Studio MDHR for Cuphead? There are no details yet on what the future holds for Cuphead in terms of DLC content but the partial details regarding the first patch for the game are out.

Cuphead First Patch

With the very first patch of Cuphead, Studio MDHR is going to fix the Windows 10 Store save bug that prevented players from using Alt-Tab while being in the game. This was not the widespread issue, but still good to know that the development team is looking into all the problems – irrespective of whether it is faced by a large number of players or not.

In addition to this, it has been reported that the first Cuphead patch is going to nerf the charged weapon just a little bit (there were multiple reports from players about charge weapon being a bit overpowered).

Sadly, there was no ETA on when exactly the first patch will go live. Stay tuned as we will update you with new information on Cuphead First Patch the moment it is made available. Till then check our Cuphead Wiki for complete Tips on how to beat all bosses, tips and tricks, collectibles locations, and many others.