Dev: Cuphead Will Not Release On PS4, We Own The IP – Is It A Hint At Cuphead 2 For PS4?

 Dev: Cuphead Will Not Release On PS4, We Own The IP – Is It A Hint At Cuphead 2 For PS4?

Cuphead release date announcement was one of the biggest things that came out from this year’s E3, September 29 for Xbox One and PC. Sadly, there was no update from the development team at StudioMDHR on PlayStation version of the game. Is there a possibility of Cuphead releasing on PlayStation 4? If you are a PlayStation gamer then we have a disappointing news for you.

Cuphead - PS4 Version Not Coming

Cuphead developer via NeoGaf has clarified terms and condition of the deal they have signed with Microsoft. The developer first clarified that Cuphead is going to be an exclusive game for Xbox One and PC. There will be Steam and Windows 10 version of the game available at launch, and a GOG release is planned after it. There are plans to release Linux and Mac version of Cuphead, but these are still in early stage of planning.

Last but not the least, the developer clarified that Cuphead IP right is own by them.

When asked by a user on NeoGaf: So this game (Cuphead) 100% lifetime PC/Microsoft exclusive? The developer replied: “Yes, this Cuphead game is exclusive to Xbox and PC (with Steam and Win10 versions at launch and a GoG release likely shortly after),” they explained. “There will likely be a Mac version down the road and possibly a Linux version beyond that (unless we lose our houses or whatever). We own the Cuphead IP.”

Cuphead Dev PS4 Version Comment

The end line of the reply came as a shocker to me: Is that an indication from the development team that IP rights belong to them and there is still hope left for Cuphead 2 to launch on other platforms – PlayStation 4? What do you guys think? Share your opinion with us in the comment section below.