Customize Fonts, Programmable Buttons and do more on Xbox Scorpio Dev Kit Built-In Screen

Xbox Project Scorpio is all set to take down other consoles by introducing some really fascinating features. We had seen the developers Kit version before that showcases an all new front screen. This screen reflects the current game fps and now through a tweet a user @JezCorden shows that you can just do more with it.

Xbox Scorpio Frontscreen

The official tweet is shared below where the user shows about new features of Xbox Scorpio Screen. The front panel is fully programmable. You can set a screen saver type thing. Like the video below shows Dolphins, you can increase and decrease their quantity. The action video looks impressive on the small screen. The same also appears on the screen of attached monitor or HDTV.

Another Menu item Quick Option allows you to assign action to the 5 buttons on front panel. A demo of all buttons is also shown in the video, for example you can press a button to hide the dolphin or pause the video. The screen also allows to customize the screen fonts, font size and important settings for to use GPU to render for the front panel. This shows the front screen will bring a lot of useful features that will allow us to directly customize various settings directly from the console screen.

Sadly, Microsoft has confirmed that this FRONT PANEL is not going to make it in to the Project Scorpio retail unit.