Czech Retailer Leaks PlayStation VR Actual Price Ahead Of Official Announcement In March 2016?

The price is going to be one of the most important factors in the upcoming VR war. Valve’s HTC is priced at $800 whereas Oculus Rift headset is priced at $600. Sony has not yet revealed the price of PlayStation VR and this is rather odd considering the fact that many of their competitors have already revealed the price of their headset and are all set for the launch.

PlayStation VR Price

Earlier today, Sony started sending out invites for a PlayStation VR event. This event will take place on March 15 in San Francisco at 2 pm PT and a presentation on PlayStation VR will take place followed by a hands-on session. It is expected that Sony will finally announce the price of VR at the event. But it seems like a Czech Retailer has beaten Sony to the price reveal of the PlayStation VR Headset.

As seen in the listing (snapshot) below, PlayStation VR is priced at 11 990Kc. It converts to $490 a pretty competitive price as compared to the competitors. Also, PlayStation fans just need a PlayStation 4 to user PlayStation VR, no additional hardware upgrade is needed like in the case of Oculus Rift and others.

The authenticity of this potential leak has yet to be confirmed by any Sony exec. Take this new PlayStation VR headset price leak with a grain of salt and consider it as rumor only.