Dan Ayoub left 343 Industries now work for Microsoft Mixed Reality

Halo Series head Dan Ayoub has left 343 Industries and will be working for Microsoft. The information was shared on the official website for the Halo universe. The news indicates after leaving 343, he will be pursing his passion “the empowerment of education through technology”. The news also offered some information on wonderful DLC and other surprises that is under Dan’s team. This indicates the team is already working on new updates for the game.

 Dan Ayoub Halo

Before coming to 343, Dan worked with EA and later he spent years with Ubisoft. Below is a statement for the official news: Although Dan will be staying in the Microsoft family, and won’t be heading too far, our 343 family will miss his wit, wisdom and effort throughout the years. But Halo Wars 2 and its forthcoming DLC are in the safe hands of Dan’s team, with some wonderful DLC and other surprises still to come.

Windows’ Mixed Reality is the new face of social gaming. Recently we had covered new controllers that are a part of Mixed Reality project. These controllers are compatible with different VR offering flexible control and immersive gameplay experience. Microsoft is also massively hiring to push this new social gaming platform early for users.