Dance Central DLC to cost more than Rock Band

Dance Central DLC will cost gamers more than the Rock Band which is currrently priced at $2. The reason for this has been told as the complexity that is involves in the DLC and it is much more exciting and different from the Rock Band.

Kasson Crooker said, “Because [Dance Central DLC] comes with a brand new unique routine with the three difficulties, we have to: engage the choreographer, find the song, license the song, come up with a routine, get them into a [motion capture] suit, shoot all the choreography, integrate the animation, build the filter system, the flash cards, the [voiceover] for ‘Break it Down’ — it’s a pretty elaborate process that is not only a lot more expensive, but a lot more time consuming.”

The release details about this DLC is not yet out and also the exact pricing of it, it is expected to come out soon when its release date gets closer.