Dante’s Inferno : St.Lucia DLC Details

Dante’s Inferno: St. Lucia DLC will be coming soon but before that we have got the detail information about this DLC what it has in store for all the fans of the game title. So lets me give you the complete detail of it without wasting any time.

  • St. Lucia DLC of Dante’s Inferno will add a new playable character for the gamer name St. Lucia consisting of its own set of moves and combat that too of aerial style. This St. Lucia will add a dept to the gamer gameplay and look wise this character is awesome the thing which catch your eyes in the character is its Wings.
  • Second thing this DLC will add is a online co-operative gameplay which enables gamers to take their gameplay online, gamers will be able to go online have their gameplay against lots of creatures that too with their friend.
  • Third, along with this DLC a Trial creation editor will also be ship a tool which gamer can use to create their own trails and also play them. Well their is more the trail created by gamers can also be uploaded to their own community for rating by other and also to beat ti if others can.

Well it is a long list, Apart from this features there will be shiping of a total of 40 trials which were created at EA for beating it, and if you get successful in this you will get yourself various Trophies as reward for yourself.

This DLC will be out soon for just $10 only, so don’t think twice because there is offering of lots of thing by this Dante’s Inferno: St. Lucia DLC for a mere price.