This mashup of Dark Souls and Cuphead is absolutely incredible

Whenever a difficult game comes out, people love to call it “the Dark Souls” of that particular genre. The same was said for Cuphead when it was released a few months ago.

Now, though, these two completely different games have been brought together in one of the most beautiful video game mashups in recent memory, thanks to 64 Bits on YouTube.

Cupsouls” takes the 2D side-scrolling shooting and hand-drawn visuals of Cuphead and marries it with Dark Souls characters and boss fights, and the result is just plain magical.

The video features a number of classic bosses from the Souls series, like Ornstein and Smough, Sif, Gaping Dragon, High Lord Wolnir, and more. Bosses from all three Dark Souls games make an appearance.

We’re not sure how this could happen or if it’s even legally possible, but this “Cupsouls” game needs to be real and we need to play it right now. Kudos to 64 Bits for the awesome idea and even better video.