Dark Souls II highlights from EDGE preview : no confirmed PS4 and Xbox One version

EDGE preview for Dark Souls II has been released and plenty of information on Dark Souls II is revealed now. This is the biggest game of FromSoftware as of now. For development of Dark Souls II, FromSoftware development team size has been almost doubled.

Dark Souls II

As most interesting highlights from this EDGE preview for Dark Souls II are posted on NeoGAF by a member Darth Zandatsu, following information of Dark Souls II we are aware of:

  • Dark Souls II map size is almost same as Dark Souls except this time players will have more freedom to choose how they wanna proceed throughout the game.
  • Higher difficulty, expect Dark Souls II journey to be more difficult this time.
  • Dark Souls II bosses will have more challenging fighting styles.
  • We can expect to see opening cinematic next month i.e. January.
  • Members of the Brotherhood of Blood and Blue Sentinels can fight PvP battles within their own Covenants.
  • No confirmation for PS4 and Xbox One version.
  • Game is being developed based on PC, we can expect a good PC version game.

Source: NeoGAF