David Jaffe comments of God of War: Ascension multiplayer

God of War: Ascension is one of the most awaited and highly anticipated game of 2013. For the first time in the popular PS3 exclusive franchise history, God of War: Ascension will feature multiplayer.

God of War: AscensionDavid Jaffe (known for his work on first God of War game) has commented on this new addition (multiplayer mode) to God of War: Ascension. The comments made by Jaffe on his personal twitter account are interesting one. Check it out below.

Jaffe first gave his thoughts on God of War: Ascension multiplayer mode. He said, “I think the MP they showed for GOW looks fun. IDig putting class based FPS team design in a brawler. If it wrx it’ll play fresh. I get some peeps upset IF MP comes@expense of SP, but there’s no evidence of that so not sure why some peeps whining about it.”

Jaffe was then quizzed whether the addition on multiplayer mode affects over all budget and efforts of development team. To this he replied, “Not saying UR wrong but a) no evidence of that at all and b) sad state of the industry(and the medium?) to assume more money to throw at a game is what makes it better. I’d rather have a 5 hour GOW that chose 5 hours because it allowed the game to stay fresh and be filled with meaningful storytelling-thru-gameplay moments than have a 12 hour game that is a simply filled with set piece after set piece. Would RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK or THE DARK KNIGHT be better with a longer running time or more pages? Would Tetris be better with five extra shapes?”

Jaffe further added, “If the new GOW has a meh campaign there will- and should be- much anger. My point is: have faith in the team at least enough to give them the benefit of doubt until y’all see/play some SP. Dont you think this team has earned that?

If a game let’s you down in anyway- and Lord knows the last TM let some folks down:(- the game makers deserve to be judged and their decisions scrutinized. But if a team feels they CAN do amazing MP and SP (aka Goldeneye, Modern Warfare) who cares if the motivation behind adding SP or MP was a business motivation The fact the game exists AT ALL is in large part a biz motivation.

I’m not saying gamers should not be skeptical and not look4best deals4their hard earned cash. Just suggesting folks give it a chance before they jump all over one of the most talented teams in the ENTIRE GAME BIZ. Seems pretty arrogant/snobby 4gamers to act as if such a talented team- that has delivered4so long- hasn’t thought it thru. If they have not, read some reviews and then skip the game. But until that happens, I say they’ve earned our faith.

God of War: Ascension is schedule to launch in Spring 2013 for PS3.