David Jaffe to Game Revloution: “You Suck at your jobs”

It seems like Game Revolution has upset Twisted Metal creator David Jaffe very BADLY. The site recently carried a story with title “Jaffe Calls For Uncharted To Add Some Sandbox Elements“.

David JaffeThis has upset Jaffe as he says that he “Never suggested the amazing Uncharted should be given sandbox elements. Come on journalists out there- have some pride in your work”

Jaffe further lashes out at Game Revolution and said, “don’t literally make stuff up and attribute it to someone else). Thanks!”

He went on further sending out tweets after tweets. You can check them all below:

Tweet 1: “You guys suck at your jobs. I never EVER ‘called’ for anything of the sort. Please re-read the article from EDGE that you”

Tweet 2: “Game_Revolution are ripping off-with zero payment to EDGE, I am sure- in order to generate your ‘content’. Damn, if you are not even”

Tweet 3: “Game_Revolution gonna do your own reporting, at least make sure you are ‘reporting’ accurately on the shit that you steal.”

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