Daybreak Games to launch H1Z1 Pro League


As battle royale games are testing the waters within esports, one of the genre’s biggest titles will be launching its very own pro league in 2018.

H1Z1 developer Daybreak Games has partnered with Twin Galaxies to bring forward the H1Z1 Pro League—which will provide players with a minimum wage of $50,000 and revenue sharing. A total of 15 teams will be competing in two 10-week splits, which will lead into a world championship at the end of 2018.

The choice to establish the pro league is predicated on the positive response to the previous events Daybreak hosted, leading to extensive planning between Daybreak and Twin Galaxies throughout 2017. The league’s economic policy will allow Twin Galaxies to “focus on governing structures, incentives for teams and players, creating a player’s bill of rights, and a recruitment field for players across the world,” said H1Z1 Pro League general manager Stratton Sclavos during a media call on Oct. 9.

The league will also feature what Sclavos called a “sports-level broadcast,” with multiple in-game directors present in each game to ensure that all action during a match is captured—a complaint often levied at previous events featuring battle royale games.

Simultaneously, the H1Z1 Pro League will focus on giving the players their time in the spotlight, and creating original content surrounding them throughout the season. “The pro-league is being run primarily for players and viewers, and isn’t just a marketing exercise,” Sclavos said. “It’s a massive opportunity for players and teams to operate it as a business.”

It’s currently unclear where fans can view the matches, as Daybreak and Twilight Galaxies are in conversations with multiple streaming, and linear, broadcasting platforms.

The H1Z1 Pro League has no set launch date as of yet, but currently plans to start in early 2018.