Days Gone Is “Unique”, Introducing Bike And Resource Management Control: Bend Studio

When Days Gone was first introduced at E3 2016, it looked like Sony was willing to showcase some sort of The Last of Us spin-off or recall that atmosphere which had so much success among PlayStation fans. However, Bend Studio, the team behind the game, is struggling to state it’s much different and will have a lot of mechanics showing that.

Days Gone

For example, despite Days Gone not being a survival game, it has a resource management mechanic, allowing developers to introduce various difficulty settings and depending on them giving away ammo, fuel and more. The bike itself will have an important role throughout the adventure and in the middle of gameplay.

“There’s definitely resource management. Yes, he does have an absurd amount of ammo here, but we made this a little easy, so we wouldn’t die all over the place in the demo. We’ll be tuning the difficulty settings in all kinds of ways. But resource management is a huge element of the game.

There is fuel management. The bike can also take damage. The bike plays a huge, huge role in the game. I can’t go into too much detail, but you can look forward to learning more about that.”

This and other stuff we’ve not been allowed to see yet makes Bend Studio feel Days Gone is pretty unique, in comparison with all the other titles released and releasing in later stages.

“We feel that our game is completely unique to us. Just running around our world is unique. It’s not like any other game out there, just cruising around and having fun out in the world. Starting from there, in the Pacific Northwest and in the high desert, we have some pretty extreme weather. We have dynamic weather in the game. One day, it could be 100 degrees, and the next day, it could be snowing. All of that affects the world and affects the gameplay. That alone is unique.