Days Gone E3 2017 PS4 Gameplay Demo Video Showcase Stealth And New Features

Crazy Willie's Infestation

Just some time ago we got know about a zombie killing game Days Gone, and now at E3 2017, a gameplay video explain how amazing it is. Before the video shows movements and few of the creatures that you will be hunting while playing as Deacon St. John. The fresh video tells a lot more about the vast open world game with its amazing gameplay mechanism.

Days Gone E3 2017 PS4 Gameplay

The video at the end is based on a short mission where the central character goes on a rescue. He lays the trap, uses distractions, escapes enemies by hiding in bushes, and even kill enemies quietly in stealth mode from the backside. He uses the plague freakers to simply kill the enemies around and rescues a friend

Days Gone is surely going to be a great game due to its extensive gameplay and plot. As in a hostile world, you will not be only attacked by the freakers, but wolfs are going to chase you, and at the end, a wild bear is also on the list. So this game demands an end to end survival, where you have to watch from all corners if you really want to live.